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Seeing the big picture, conclusion of consumptive intellectual activity is "filtering".

Filtering raises quality of humankind intellect.

The reason why filtering is given by conclusion of consumptive intellectual activity, consumptive intellectual activity is an activity and an activity has a limit.

limit of activity = limit of capacity x limit of time.

Productive intellectual activity has filtering implicitly.

- Productive intellectual activity

Ideally, 0 or 1 ==> 100

Actually, 0 or 1 ==> 10 (Filtering of 100 to 10)

- Consumptive intellectual activity

Ideally, 100 ==> 100

Actually, 100 ==> 10 (Filtering of 100 to 10)

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I bought an electronic blanket.

My heating appliance has been only an air-conditioner before. This heating system, which depended on only 1 appliance, was not robust.

On Nov, 2010, when the air-conditioner was broken, I must bear coldness.
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I ate potato chips at night on Jan 25, 2011. I call potato chips "POTECHI". The first time that I heard "POTECHI" is when I watched "Kingyo Chuiho!", that is Goldfish Warning!, on TV when I was an elementary school student.

I ate it by chop sticks. A merit of this method is to prevent fingers becoming oily. In Japan, manipulators for eating potato chips are sold:

"POTECHI NO TE", Hand for potato chips
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"The original Japanese word 'MOTTAINAI' is an expression of your gratitude for producers or manufacturers. This word doesn't mean 'environmental friendly'."

By TAKEDA, Kunihiko, Ph.D. Professor of Chubu Univ., Japan.

(Translated by TAKAGI-1, not authorized by Dr. TAKEDA)
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